Technical Assistance and Maintenance Service

IPS SAT is a company dedicated to the repair and maintenance of air conditioning, industrial refrigeration, heating, ventilation, domestic hot water, electricity, gas and renewable energy systems.

Our services

The objective of IPS SAT is to guarantee a technical, competitive and responsible service always supported by a highly qualified team and with the support of the most prestigious brands in the sector.

Official technical service

IPS SAT, as the Official Technical Service, puts at your disposal all the technical and human resources to guarantee you a professional service.


Revisions and maintenance of ventilation facilities both in the residential, industrial sector, and always comply with current regulations.

air conditioning

The highly qualified technical staff
that forms the IPS SAT repair department can repair equipment
of any brand.

Regulation and control

We have the support of the best firms in the sector of regulation and control of facilities, and thus achieve maximum performance in them.


Technical assistance, repair, maintenance and supply of spare parts for domestic gas boilers and gas, diesel and fuel burners.

Gas and Electricity

We have a group of professionals with a lot of experience in the maintenance, adaptation and repair of gas and electricity installations.

Industrial cold

We specialize in the repair of Industrial cold appliances, such as bottle racks, cold stores, showcases, exhibitors, bunkers and nurseries

Renewable energy

Our services include repair and maintenance of aerothermal, geothermal, biomass and underfloor heating installations.

The best services with the best brands

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